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Feb 04,  · amount 2. LogicKennedy. 1 point · 4 years back. From the things I’ve seen, the seed is not completely fixed, nonetheless it does appear to have a ‘ceiling’: i.e. a maximum standard of generosity, which tends to be reached in 2 or 3 reloads. Afterwards the seed tends towards becoming fixed. degree 1. Madkat 1 point · 4 years back. A new seed? Feb 12,  · XCOM 2 is great! Well, mainly. It’s got some overall performance dilemmas and, much more pertinently, it may get just a little aggravating with fickle arbitrary number computations and Central screaming at . It is also worth mentioning that XCOM:EW added a “second trend” option called protect Scum, which created the seed on every reload. By using this alternative, if a unit misses an attempt you can simply reload and attempt once again. In XCOM 2, there are two mods that do the same.


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Jun 01,  · XCOM 2 (and 1 before that) don’t produce new seeds when you reload a mission. What this means is, when you load a save and simply take an attempt, then reload the save and make the exact same chance, then reload the save and make the same shot, again, it will invariably yield the same result. Exact same to hacking and actually any kind of auto mechanic out there. My major grief with the fixed random seed in Xcom may be the idiocy behind a 98% shot missing, simply because the arbitrary seed dictates that the very first shot inside your turn misses. And I also do not really get why save scumming is bad. The Long War men place that choice in indeed there for a reason. I don’t notice it as destroying personal experience. So long as its enjoyable for me personally. For instance for 2 given seeds 0 and 1 confirmed random purpose may produce the following sequences. RAND (0) = 3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6,5,3,5,9. RAND (1) = 2,7,1,8,2,8,1,8,2,8,4,6. In training this could be implemented making use of two functions. The initial SRAND (X) is called when whenever you want to seed the pseudo-random number generator and a second RAND.
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Random? :: XCOM 2 General Discussions

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Shop Page. Global Accomplishments. Frission View Profile View Posts. Is there any way make it possible for a brand-new random seed when we load? Appears like by standard every thing takes place the same should you the exact same things. Is this one thing i must mod my data doing, and if therefore, just how?

Showing 1 – 9 of 9 reviews. Alexander View Profile View Posts. I have invested the higher element of an hour seraching for almost any facts about this. No fortune to date Mulqueeny View Profile View Posts. Initially posted by Frission :. Sevrun See Profile View Posts. It’ll likely be something similar to the ‘second wave’ options that were in the first game.

Took a little while before these were included. Or were they supposed to unlock after you beat the overall game the very first time? Any modders in a position to do some worthwhile thing about this? Ned View Profile View Posts. Thats why they included the salvage scummer choice in second trend options. The devs give consideration to reloading a save is cheating. Thats why they call it conserve scumming. Umbrae View Profile View Posts. I am blended on this. Directly, in single player I don’t see why cheating is frowned on.

If you want to cheat the reason why would anybody care? If folks wish to have an easy game why drive all of them away from the product completely? I am aware the reasoning about load and save and seeding, and I have actually gotten familiar with how it functions.

I might quite them not allow preserving after all or restrict this to particular things within the mission as opposed to feel just like the video game it lying for me about percentages. That is why ironman mode is present, to provide stated purists the possibility to relax and play a-game where they cannot just weight to obtain an improved result. So just why furthermore punish the people which pick not to make use of it?

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