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Mar 30,  · Guns_TeamKu stated: As a max position player I am able to concur that you will NOT get any battlepacks for attaining a site celebrity with a kit.. I´ve earned 6 system service movie stars considering that the lastest plot and have recieved 0 battlepacks except for the 4 you got right after the patch. Oct 11,  · Battlelog is a free of charge personal platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, program your next online game, and more from your own internet browser! Free silver battlepack – Discussion boards – Battlelog / Battlefield 4. Nov 19,  · One of our guys found out this glitch.


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Oct 29,  · BattlePacks add an all-new layer of persistence to the multiplayer progression system in Battlefield 4. Through the course of one’s multiplayer job, you certainly will obtain Battlepacks containing. Oct 11,  · Battlelog is a totally free personal platform that connections into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and enables you to socialize, keep track of stats, plan your next game, and much more from your web browser! Free gold battlepack – Community forums – Battlelog / Battlefield 4. Through the course of one’s multiplayer job, you’ll receive packages containing random combinations of new camos, dog tags, knives, XP enhances and firearm accessories. Pre-order Battlefield 4 Premium Membership to have 12 extra Battlepacks.” You really need to notice the “Through the course of one’s multiplayer profession”.

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October I just purchased my BF4 Superior, as my friends did. They usually have all gotten 3 battle packs just for the premium alone for start apart for the ones which will be readily available every month. Yet, when I go right to the Battle Packs choice in the struggle wood, I didn’t receive any Any guidance? Go to Solution. View in thread. November When you examine how it’s worded conformed that it’s defectively worded , and also the design associated with battlepacks from the battlelog screens, you will notice listed here. This can be for the PC.

This can be for everybody, not just premium members. Pre-order Battlefield 4 Superior Membership to get 12 bonus Battlepacks. That is truly bad wording. It checks out that they are describing just what battlepacks tend to be since it is true that with time you can get all of them.

So there’s really 2 issues with the wording here. Very first is everything we’re discussing here. They just do not especially say that you’re getting 12 battlepacks spread out over the course of a year. It claims you are getting 12 bonus battlepacks and defines what battlepacks are. The second issue is the last sentence. Does this imply preordering premium means you get the 12 battlepacks, but getting premium after the online game is circulated means you pass up on these?

Or does it mean you receive yet another 12 battlepacks indicating you would get 24 total? The wording positively has to be updated to clearly reflect exactly what their intention with it absolutely was, because I had a totally different effect of the thing I had been purchasing. Trust him I also bought today premium and I believed I’ll receive additional fight packages. Everybody are getting battle packs ” Through the course of your multiplayer career” ,preorder or not. The advanced preorder bonus demonstrably states that you will get 12 extra packs whenever preordering.

How is the preorder different from the non-preorders then if you have to wait to acquire the Battlepacks when you look at the normal means as everyone else?? i have also activated a complete of 6 preorder silver packs i acquired one with each online game plus one additional with advanced. Each had been activated via source and accepted turned up as battlepack and now are un-redeemable so they really were included.

And so I’m lacking 5 here. In general My account across platforms is lacking 12 Battlepacks 6 gold, 6 advanced. I realize there is an known wait in premium battlepacks, but I’ve heard nothing from the silver packs.

I’ve however to redeem my slimjim packs this is why. Same right here, i did so the help talk and was informed I’d be recieving the battlepacks.. The english wasn’t the greatest, but here goes. We only recieved 3 silver packages to get the digital delux version, then 3 premium packs for advanced Ditendra We assured you that you’ll certainly have the rest.

We’ll simply keep checking Ditendra Indeed, yes. Ditendra You can choose the previous games. Never said I’d have the lacking 9, just the sleep, however the Superior calender which will show 12 up coming battlepacks over a-year, so perhaps this is the When I asked about the veteran pack. I happened to be told We wasn’t a vet from BF3, believed this was odd because BF3 showed a vet status of 1 from having BFBC2, however i acquired a fantastic supprise from the rep, though no response on the veteran pack.

Ditendra will there be anything else you intend to understand? Ditendra i realize your concern. I’ll do my best to allow you to with this specific. Ditendra i do want to let you know that as you are maybe not veteran in BF-3 so that you are not able to obtain the veteran battlepacks in BF-4 too.

Ditendra Actually veteran refers for Battlefield series only. Ditendra I apologize for the frustration caused. Ditendra i will supply maximum veteran standing for BF Not certain that we’ll have that veteran battlepack today, but we’ll contact them down the road.

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Zombies 2 flowers vs. Zombies Heroes Other flowers vs. Battlefield 4 Superior battle packs missing. Me too. Message 1 of 38 31, panorama. Reply 7. Accepted Solution. Re: Battlefield 4 Premium battle packs missing. Message 2 of 38 32, Views. Answer November If you examine the way it’s worded consented that it’s defectively worded , in addition to layout associated with battlepacks on the battlelog display screens, you’ll see the following. The wording is kinda inaccurate but i really hope this clears some of this stuff up for your needs all.

Message 12 of 38 5, Views. Reply 0. All Replies. October When buying Premium, you ought to receive 12 additional packs, it sais the like Origin. Message 3 of 38 31, Views. Reply 1. October sgthest composed: When purchasing Premium, you ought to get 12 additional packages, it sais so on Origin this really is extracted from Origin: ” 12 extra Battlefield 4 Battlepacks: These Battlepacks add an all-new layer of persistence and a fantastic element of possiblity to the multiplayer progression system in Battlefield 4.

Message 4 of 38 31, Views. October that is actually bad wording. Message 5 of 38 31, panorama. Answer 4. October consent with him I also bought today advanced and I believed i shall get additional struggle packages.

Message 6 of 38 31, Views. October everyone are getting battle packs ” Through the course of one’s multiplayer career” ,preorder or not. Message 7 of 38 31, Views. October anyone know the reason why i cant get my slim-jim battle packs? Message 8 of 38 31, Views. BlackoutHysteri a. October I’m actually missing battlepacks too. Message 9 of 38 31, panorama. October Same right here, i did so the help chat and was told i might be recieving the battlepacks..

I was told I wasn’t a vet from BF3, believed this was strange because BF3 showed a veterinarian condition of 1 from having BFBC2, however i obtained a great supprise from the rep, though no solution regarding the veteran pack Ditendra can there be anything else you intend to know? Message 10 of 38 31, panorama. Brand new topic. Twitter Stream. You have played your part in BF4 now you have become a part of this new fight in Battlefield 1.