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Samsung HW-F Channel Watt Soundbar. Go to the Samsung Electronics Shop. away from 5 performers. 16 ranks. | 20 answered concerns. Presently unavailable. We do not understand whenever or if this item may be back in stock. Brand. Samsung Electronics/5(16). Soundbar F Possibilities & Tips, Install Guide, Contact Us. Samsung Support CA. Specs. HW-F Requirements. Amount of stations: Sound bar amp: 40 watts per channel (6 ohms, 1% THD, 1kHz) Subwoofer amp: watts (3 ohms, 10% THD, Hz) Frequency Response: Not supplied. Drivers: 4 1” tweeters and 8 ”x” midrange drivers. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Yes Crystal Amp: Crystal Sound (Discrete Amp) Pro.3/5.


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Soundbar F Solutions & Guidelines, Download Handbook, Contact Us. Samsung Help CA. View and install Samsung HW-F user manual online. HW-F speaker system pdf manual download. Additionally for: Hw-f Specs. HW-F Requirements. Range stations: Sound bar amp: 40 watts per station (6 ohms, 1% THD, 1kHz) Subwoofer amp: watts (3 ohms, 10% THD, Hz) Frequency Response: Not supplied. Motorists: 4 1” tweeters and 8 ”x” midrange motorists. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Yes Amazingly Amp: Crystal Sound (Discrete Amp) Pro.3/5.
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Come and get your soundbars! Maybe not unlike the headphone marketplace in the past few years, it looks like these units are poised to take control the entire world. But the one thing keeping all of them straight back from Skynet-like guideline is their dubious audio quality. Soundbars or sound pubs or surround pubs or Crystal Surround Air Track Active Speaker Systems, as Samsung prefers were introduced into the market as spending plan products. Well, industry features developed and today consumers want diminutive, streamlined soundbars that can contend with larger, bulkier sound systems.

But, will be the pipes only a gimmick? Or performs this product do have more than just reasonably limited cost? We covered the entire Samsung soundbar lineup in a previous article, such as the F, but had been only able to speculate about its real quality.

While the marketplace features matured, the style differences when considering units are becoming rather extreme. In comparison, both the SB16 and F include wireless subwoofers.

Various other features, like simulated surround, inputs, and general dimensions vary significantly among soundbars. One of the more prominent and unusual is vacuum pressure pipe feedback stage.

Vacuum cleaner tubes are a basic of high-end audio and will dramatically impact the audio quality of gear. The tubes are included in the input phase regarding the design, meaning the sign passes through them before it reaches the primary amp.

I do believe it absolutely was a brilliant marketing and advertising idea for Samsung to include cleaner pipes in this design. This implies all the soundbar would want is power.

As soon as considering power, Samsung achieved it right. Another significant feature is its dual orientations—horizontal and straight. The HW-F sits flat when set on a stand, but flips upright when attached to a wall. When set flat, the dimensions tend to be: nevertheless, in straight positioning the level and height flip, therefore the dimension are: This twin direction is good given that it permits the F become brief sufficient to avoid blocking the bottom of a TV whenever setting on a stand, but still be excessively thin when installed on a wall.

To make certain the soundbar is useful in both roles, Samsung setup two different sets of speakers and LED displays, therefore the speakers and screen are often pointing at you, regardless of the orientation.

The 2nd collection of motorists pointing straight up when on a stand, and directly down when mounted are used to augment the key speakers. The speakers dealing with away from you have fun with the exact same audio once the drivers dealing with you, nevertheless the amount is paid off. This could give the HW-F a bigger, more extensive noise. The disadvantage to this process is the fact that rather than having the ability to give attention to optimizing the soundbar for just one direction, Samsung had to divide up important real-estate and cash between both positions.

The HW-F is packed with 8 midrange drivers and 4 tweeters, for a complete of 12 drivers. It weighs in at The measurements are: 6. If you’re knowledgeable about subwoofer specs, some of the above info is very worrisome.

The small interface also increases the odds of interface chuffing which i possibly could hear inside my dimensions. Samsung additionally fails to supply several of the most crucial specifications for a subwoofer: how reasonable it could play and at what SPL. For such a pricey soundbar system, I would personally expect an infinitely more powerful subwoofer.

Cliff, like many of us, has actually constantly loved home entertainment gear. In twelfth grade he landed work at the best purchase that began his path towards actual high quality audio. His very first surround sound was a Klipsch 5.

From then on he was hooked, moving from Klipsch to Polk to Definitive tech, and so on. Puzzled about what AV Gear to get or how you can work it?

HW-F Specifications quantity of channels: 2. Cons Below Average subwoofer Bad surround sound simulation Sub-standard auto setup calibration Small soundstage. HW-F Features and Overview I covered the complete Samsung soundbar lineup in a previous article, including the F, but had been only in a position to speculate about its real high quality.

Such As This? Take a look at our various other Soundbars and encircle Speaker Reviews! Concerning the writer: Cliff, like a lot of us, has actually always loved home entertainment equipment. View full profile. Read the entire Thread. Ldooderrino articles on September 29, type of reminds me of this bug zapper within my straight back yard…a warm glow of light that allures interested animals and leaves them completely void of future pleasure.

Regardless of the warm radiance that soundbar may have, it is still a Samsung sound device. None of these gimmicked devices are worth the time and money. I am perhaps not saying every little thing the company provides is worthless. Samsung has some great shows, mobile phones, and appliances for the home. We have had many of each providing in our residence and have already been exceedingly pleased with the performance of various Samsung items.

Unfortunately, the audio equipment provided by Samsung has always seemed lackluster if you ask me. In this situation, Samsung should have their pipes tied up and give up the upper-end game with audio products. Limitless Vortex articles on September 28, when i discovered your review rather helpful I thought I’d compose a couple of note concerning this. You can tell merely be studying the get a grip on, or absence thereof, associated with device’s sound behaviour.

It is aimed at audiophile as much as a DSLR camera from Nikon or Canon that includes a complete frame sensor however doesn’t have aperture or shutter speed settings is targeted at camera enthusiasts. Having read some individuals state that the HW-F does not seem much better compared to the HW-F I could just conclude that those men and women need their ears cleaned out with an electrical exercise.

My mom has an HW-F and I can only phone that unit horrible. It constantly produces this terrible, overdone and out of control subwoofer grumble like it seriously does not have any concept what to do as well as in its confusion throws aside anything out of the subwoofer in a panic.

The HW-F having said that produces sound that holds collectively extremely well. As a standard and so you know where i am originating from, I typically use 2 sound resources for cinema and music and this device does well at both. You will find a couple of music design that it doesn’t like so I would tune in to it by what you want to play before if it matters to you. Do not get me incorrect, the HW-F is far from perfect.

The subwoofer is little and there’s no making your way around that. For my personal functions though, as We have a restricted room to place a subwoofer without basically putting it in the exact middle of my sitting room the dimensions is okay. In addition typically view TV through the night where I don’t need or wish the extortionate volumes. Also I more view television series generally speaking so the cinematic 5. i am not sure if I get a 5. No real matter what the manufacturer’s spam says a soundbar isn’t likely to present certainly not 2.

At the best I can get a 3. I have a Samsung 46F and even though it is several cms within the TV’s width I notice i must aim my remote more during the TV in the place of previously not caring where it had been pointed. The bonus area of the HW-F for me though is when in tabletop positioning it offers a very low-profile. My Samsung television has actually pedestal stand rather than the greater typical 4 prong stand and as such it sits really low.

Being on top of my pedestal it covers my cables in the back from picture and enables us to regain cm straight back from my space if we cared to replace the furnishings it sits upon which will be instead considerable. By the way, the HW-F does not sound spectacular when you are up close to it. Whether it’s anything with this product, soundbars overall or the placement of my subwoofer that isn’t within the best spot for ideal sound I’m uncertain but i mightn’t suggest becoming closer than 2.

Why there seems to be no alternative way to start it other than once you plug when you look at the sensor nor does the sensor have actually a clicker upon it which is emotional. Using the illuminated display regarding the unit itself it is adorable how that if it’s in a tabletop orientation it makes use of the slim side to illuminate when it’s wall mounted it makes use of one other side. If you are pressing the buttons both should light up! It is only a little unusual that wall mounted the speakers tend to be forward and down so when when you look at the other orientation they are ahead or more.

I assume there is some interesting insight into the reasoning process of a Korean. For instance it might probably also go actually nicely as an unobtrusive computer audio system. I don’t get the closing down of the prospective versatility with this product with regard to pennies.

Overall though I really like the HW-F Steve81, post: I’m hearing product of this 12 months buzz Great imagine Steve! I’m great deal of thought. Dude, it weighs in at almost 14 weight! That would most likely simply take 3 visitors to place in a space!

I bet that could put out, I don’t know, maybe a Hz note at guide volume levels for a portion of a moment. Notice blown! That is some deep, bowel trembling bass! In fact, I might you will need to get some and slap them on the logos back at my present material. Who is heard of crappy companies like MartinLogan, Denon, or Emotiva anyhow! Can’t wait to have one out of for review. I will probably wind up keeping it and deploying it as my guide speakers.