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29 rows · Jul 29,  · Transmutation in Salt and Sanctuary is if you convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of. Jul 23,  · Bossesin Salt and Sanctuaryare effective opponents which are tough to conquer. They’ve unique falls and certainly will be found all through out of the online game. The recommended employers would be marked with an asterisk (*). I tried rearranging the order making it more precise but Drops: 1, Salt + 1, Gold, Fortress Key, The . YouTube™ movie: Salt and Sanctuary Final Boss Skip [Glitch] [Spoilers] Views: Ended up skipping the ultimate manager on accident. I killed every boss prior to him, and chatted towards the old-man towards the top of the stairs. Last edited by Xef ; might 17, @ pm.


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29 rows · Jul 29,  · Transmutation in Salt and Sanctuary is when you convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of. A doomed sailor is shipwrecked on an uncharted island. In fog-shrouded valleys, where grinning, mossy corpses cling to rusted arms, shambling figures begin t. Mar 30,  · The Nameless Jesus is the endgame Boss in Salt and Sanctuary. The Lord for this island. Possesses amazing energy over time and area, but is mortal, fallible, and forever cursed by insatiable greed. The candelabra he bears may suggest the thing he covets most: a candlelit character, unattainable to saltborn.” Location. The always Palace: in the base ted Reading Time: 2 minutes.

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Join VIP to eliminate all advertisements and videos. Transmutation in Salt and Sanctuary is if you convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the identical type making use of the stays of Bosses and opponents. You are able to Transmute a Weapon or Shield as many times while you want, the only real penalty being that you’ll lose 1 update any time you repeat this, indicating you will get a boss gun at virtually max amount, just one product far from maximum.

To do this you’ll need a Stone Alchemist inside your Sanctuary. Here is a summary of equipment that may be produced from them:. There’s absolutely no need for the transmute showing up in the Alchemist aside from having the materials and tool kind required.

Adder Fang. We reset my game like 5 times taking diferents method, diferent creeds, chatting with all NPC or without talking, I recently cant, the worts part is that i could do so before, but also for some reason i delete my last mage and cannot begin to see the stave anymore when i talk with Alchemist Hi, get a weird thing day or two ago. I’m playing my Order of the Betrayer personality, and then I am expunging sanctuary i looted from sanctuary guardian with poleaxe and shield “Sanctuary Guard’s Ear”.

Computer variation, build 1. Why i can’t transmute my Warhammer? He doesn’t appear in the alchemist’s tool options will there be variety of armors that you can get from transmutation too? Or would you still work on it? I’ve been trying to trasmute tools but many for the weapons right here do not appear on the menu knight course, all companies if that helps.

Check In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Engine Results. Below is a list of equipment that can be created from all of them: There is no requirement of the transmute to demonstrate up in the Alchemist aside from obtaining the materials and tool kind needed.

Boss keeps Weapons These weapons are manufactured with drops from employers. Join the web page discussion sick and tired of anon publishing? Submit Submit Close. Transmutation 17 Jul Why i can’t transmute my Warhammer? Why there’s absolutely no shields? Unavailable Weapons? Load much more. The Sodden Knight’s Ashes. Amber Idol , 3, Shrouded Bulwark. The Queen of Smiles’ Ear. Black Widow. Kraekan Cyclops’ Horn. The Mad Alchemist’s Ear. Silver Leaf , 1, The Fake Jester’s Ear.

Antler Baton. Kraekan Wyrm’s Horn. Shimmering Pearl , , Phoenix Tail. Amber Idol , 10, Hellfire Arbalest. The Tree of Men’s Ashes. Hill Breaker. Disemboweled Husk’s Doll. Seawolf Cutlass. That Stench Many Foul’s Enamel. Diamond Cluster , 30, Mephitic Arquebus. The Untouched Inquisitor’s Ashes. Headman’s Voulge. The 3rd Lamb’s Beak. Opal Tusk. The Dried King’s Ashes. The Bloodless Prince’s Ashes. Northern Cross. The Coveted’s Ashes. The Coveted. Mosaic Culverin. Carsejaw the Cruel’s Ashes.

Umbral Partisan. Ronin Cran’s Ashes. Batsuichi Tsuka. Murdiella Mal’s Ashes. Cocoon Battledore. The Unskinned’s Liver. Build Coil. The Architect’s Ear. The Witch of this Lake’s Ear. Saira’s Team. The Forgotten King’s Ear. Trinity Scepter. The Forgotten Knight’s Ear. Trinity Greatsword. The Forgotten Judge’s Ear.

Trinity Bardiche. Skourzh’s Horn. The Nameless God’s Ashes. Overlord’s Bident. Blade of Envy. Skullbat Wing. Cutpurse Shiv. Drowned Soldier’s Ear. Kaltic Razor. Poison Cytoplasm Gel. Lepris’ Ear. Feral Beast Tooth. Varangian Spatha. Retchfeeder Maw. Whisperlady’s Ashes. Legal Sorceror’s Ear. Steel Centipede.

Angsty Bones’ Rib. Virulent Scimitar. Horsehead’s Ear. Lowlander’s Greatknife. Whisperman’s Ashes. Branding Iron. Split Swordsman’s Ear.