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Superbly-trained heavy infantry with little to no fear of demise. The classic heavy infantry, with great armour and exceptional morale. Rabble through the streets are dangerous in vast quantities. The “tent guards” are a force of hand-picked heavy infantry. Hand-picked heavy infantry, well familiar with all kinds of fight. Recru. Iceni (Imperator Augustus) Living at the side of the understood globe on an island shrouded in mystery, the Iceni represent an unknown quantity. Whenever Caesar invaded Britannia in 55BC he reported a surprising level of technological and social development. Mar 25,  · The Imperator Augustus venture Pack is a brand new playable promotion for ROME II, which rivals the first ROME II Grand Campaign in both range and scale. This campaign comes included in complete War™: ROME II – Emperor Edition and it is readily available as a totally free, automatic update to existing owners of complete War™: ROME II. The Imperator Augustus promotion Pack is defined in 42 BC during the Reviews: 2.


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Iceni (Imperator Augustus) residing in the edge of the known globe on an area shrouded in secret, the Iceni represent an unidentified amount. Whenever Caesar invaded Britannia in 55BC he reported a surprising degree of technical and social advancement. Pompey’s Rome (Imperator Augustus) Sextus Pompey’s fortunes made a dramatic about-face after the death of his father’s enemy, Caesar. The Senate, eager for defense against the power-hungry Caesarean successors, looked to the outcast sheltering in Sicily and placed the Roman navy inside the fingers. Given that the Senate is hamstrung by the next Triumvirate, Pompey remains the last a cure for a Republican Rome. Sep 16,  · # 1 of my complete War: Rome II – Imperator Augustus: Octavian CampaignGaming Keyboard Twitter Giveaway:
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One of Alexander the Great’s generals, Ptolemy, was daddy to the present Egyptian ruler. Under their reign Ptolemaic Egypt remains wealthy, powerful, and important. The Ptolemaic judge is a complicated blend of imported Greek nobility and an increasingly-Hellenize, native Egyptian aristocracy.

After Alexander’s demise, his mightiest generals tore apart his empire while they fought because of it. Over the years the claims and counter-claims of authenticity deepened the rivalry between the Successors. While all advertised to be Greek and promoted Hellenization within their kingdoms, each also advertised to be the one true inheritor of Alexander’s history Ptolemaic Egypt had been one of the most impressive social and financial abilities within the Mediterranean.

By combining local customs with the sponsorship of the finest thoughts within the Hellenistic world, Ptolemy married the brilliance of old kingdom with contemporary elegance.

Because of the correct frontrunner in the helm to marshal these sources, Egypt could even increase beyond the heights of its former supremacy! Egypt’s present may be a pale imitation of the past fame, but its future greatness is in the hands. You have to restore your ancient holdings in Africa plus in the east. Your biggest ally in this endeavor could be the Roman general, Mark Antony. He can handle the ever-expansionist Parthians, helping you to turn and dispatch the problematic Nasamones to the west.

While Judea and Nabatea remain Antony’s protectorates, east Africa and Arabia will be your for the taking. But, be mindful of Lepidus lurking during the western, as once the Triumvirate reduces he may seek to include Egypt into his African domain.

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