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Jan 13,  · Drives: 3x WD Red NAS 3 TB, 4x WD Green 3 TB. Power Supply: SeaSonic Platinum Series SSFL2 Fanless, Active PFC. Case: Lian Li PC-Q26 with 5x mm fans and space for 10 ” drives. FreeNAS: TrueNAS, four disks in RaidZ1 (remaining disks for backup) Boot unit: Transcend ’32 GB’ SSD. Oct 24,  · Inside the PC-Q26 there clearly was space for just one Mini-ITX motherboard and pictures cards as much as 19 cm very long. Ideally, you do not anticipate installing a graphics card in this situation, though, as it has a Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes. SilverStone tech CSB Micro-ATX/Mini-DTX/Mini-Itx 8 Bay Hot Swap “/” SASG/SAS-6G NAS Storage Case with 2X mm Dual Ball Bearing Fan, black-out of 5 stars 23 $


Lian li pc-q26 10 bay nas situation.Are you a human?

Jan 13,  · Drives: 3x WD Red NAS 3 TB, 4x WD Green 3 TB. Power Supply: SeaSonic Platinum Series SSFL2 Fanless, Active PFC. Case: Lian Li PC-Q26 with 5x mm fans and room for 10 ” drives. FreeNAS: TrueNAS, four disks in RaidZ1 (remaining disks for back-up) Boot Device: Transcend ’32 GB’ SSD. Oct 24,  · within the PC-Q26 there clearly was space for just one Mini-ITX motherboard and visuals cards around 19 cm long. Ideally, that you don’t consider installing a graphics card in cases like this, however, as this has a Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. SilverStone Technology CSB Micro-ATX/Mini-DTX/Mini-Itx 8 Bay Hot Swap “/” SASG/SAS-6G NAS Storage Case with 2X mm Dual Ball Bearing Fan, Black out of 5 stars 23 $
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A somewhat more polished blurb on the situation seems in TechReport. I am a Lian Li fanboi from in the past. The PSU will probably have to be drawing hot air from within the case’s plenum for it’s cooling before exhausting it the back regarding the case. I do believe it could being an even better design when it comes to PSU is reversed. That is have it drawing atmosphere from the outside the case through a vent in the case side panel, then tiring out the back.

What’s the spacing between the PSU the mobo? Lazy Enthusiast. Along with your point is? You’re appropriate, I could have looked that up myself. I would most likely get a fanless PDU, letting exhaust head out the most truly effective. An 30mm of extra area allows a Noctua 9dl mm high for instance. Dependent on power needs, a picopsu may also be a choice.

Does’t possess classic LL looks however. That is what I’m somwhat interested in. Quote: Smaller footprint, IMO better design, and room for 8x 3. Which is not a NAS situation. It is an overpriced little desktop situation for a low-powered system that for reasons uknown can accommodate a full-sized GPU and has now HDD mounts wherever possible. While certainly not perfect, the DS is a better setup. To create a more correct NAS instance Lian-Li should removed the ground HDD mounting, expand the drive cage all the way down, and place an additional fan in the front.

Huh, thought the DS will be a lot better than that. Although sometimes heat and noise tend to be less concerns than type element and capacity. Little stressed that the hard drives might vibrate a lot when you look at the cage though. Additionally they cheaped on by maybe not placing the hot-swap adapters on all ten places. And I also agree about the front vents. I do not think vibration could be an excessive amount of a concern, once the HDD mounts are rubber isolated. I’d be more worried about the cost. Honestly, I would personallyn’t spend 1 / 2 that. Oh, and a popular grievance of mine about Lian Li cases, is that their fans are not of the identical quality because their sheet material.

Any Lian Li case i have purchased, has received an integrated fan upgrade expense. Quote: in addition they cheaped away by maybe not putting the hot-swap adapters on all ten places. And undoubtedly a supplementary fan, etc it is a PC-Q25 with a bit more height as well as 2 more slots. Otherwise its totally identical.

Exact same drive bays, same bottom drive tray, exact same power button module, exact same lover mounts, the lot. Thoughts, as a happy PC-Q25 owner for years: 1. exact same quantity of drive slot machines? Need to have included another two. There looks become a little more level, which gives even more room for the PSU. This seems like this has lots of space for an ATX product. I’d like one. I shudder to consider what the noise levels will soon be like in that thing with all drive bays populated.

My PC-6 only has one rotating drive, and it’s apparent as soon as the thing spins up. Its astonishing how much vibration escapes perhaps the Lian Li rubber grommited drive sleds. The thinner aluminum part panels do tend to resonate a bit, even when firmly fastened, and the ones material spring tabs bent-out for further expansion. I’ve taken up to frequently making use of swatchs of acoustic foam on the part panels of my Lian Li cases. Although, it has already been less a challenge utilizing the growth of SSDs and the increase in capacity of 2.

The 2. I right now only have one package now that has 3. Is it supposed to be a NAS box or not? Ensure it is less deep and expand the drive cage and back plane down to floor. The scenario has become the many compact situation available to you that can take numerous drives and cool them well. Really the only drive it doesn’t get direct airflow could be the one in the very top 5″ bay which can be intended to be for an optical drive, thus I’m perhaps not slighting the case for that.

Downsides that piss me off tend to be: 1 The fan filters tend to be extremely difficult to leave without dissembling the truth. I’ve learned to to get it done without shutting the host down or disconnecting material, however it’s really, really hard and is also a PITA. They make use of thin aluminum, so I try to take care of these with extreme care to prevent stripping them out. Only 2 major drawbacks, but they’re actually huge downsides. I am really deciding on replacing the outcome. An easy task to set up with positive stress.

Quote: The edges tend to be held on by a lot of shitty little screws, and also you need to take one side off to access the filters. Ugh, no kidding. The one PC-V build I did was We absolutely need someone to intensify and work out a smaller form of the sunlight E 10 bays or much better the sunlight Ultra E 20 bays. Direct vent from the rear with all the motherboard and PSU up top for effortless serviceability recommended modification.

Particularly when you are taking into aspect the thermal requirements today vs in the past and absolute room per disk. It could be a vintage and unsexy design but We adored my ‘storage fridges’ and also the fairly uncomplicated design. Really, I only dated myself. Did you ever discover a suitable replacement case? I’ve been speccing out a NAS create and have always been a bit torn over case choice. I prefer the appearance and design regarding the instance you described, but have already been switched off by the feedback upon it.

Have you since found something similar more suitable for your requirements? I’m currently leaning towards the Lian-Li PC-Q25B, which seems about right except for the seeming relative lack of airflow.

Quote: I’ve been speccing out a NAS build and have always been a little bit torn over case choice. I’ve become an admirer of the Fractal Node It holds 6x 3. The stock followers tend to be OK, but there is however good results in up-gunning them. Honestly, the integral hot swap bays within the Lian Li situations tend to be unneeded. Hardly ever, will you find yourself using them. Although, you are paying reasonably limited for all of them. We kinda found the ‘hot-swap bays’ to be superfluous after all, you need to take away the side of the situation to find them to begin with!

Granted, once you get there, simply slotting in a drive is nice The Node is the just various other situation with the mix right during my view. Larger impact, and a little bit of a trick to cable manage properly, but seems simple from the external and contains great airflow. I’m certainly not fussed about hot swap, as I wouldn’t expect you’ll be switching drives with any genuine frequency. I happened to be liking the Lian-Li for the tiny footprint and drive capability, but are concerned about the airflow.

Its a little larger as compared to cases written about above, But it likely has better ventilation as compared to other individuals. In addition gets the Lian Li Look. You’d have to go to ebay to get it from European countries. The price is right, but shipping will kill you. I hadn’t, but took a look. Lian-Li cases do look nice, but I’m not experiencing the requirement to spend additional only for the looks. This task is mostly about to cost myself plenty as it is! Quote: This project is all about to cost myself plenty because it’s!

Unveil your parts listing, so you can receive bushel baskets of contradictory guidance, most of it from trolls that have never built a NAS package. The disk price could be the long pole within the tent cost-wise. Arrange forward. Always check all ‘The Usual resources’ for drives. The prices are all over the destination. Ebony Jacque had written: Quote: This task is approximately to cost me plenty because it’s!