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13 rows · As far as speed goes, CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is quickest and Bible Search PRO is second. CodeFinder Millennium Edition is the planet’s quickest and a lot of powerful Bible Code computer software, yet keeps simplicity. It was separately rated given that planet’s # 1 Bible Code computer software and contains already been used for many presentations in TV documentaries and books about the Bible Code. CodeFinder runs on all present versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista, and can even run-on Macintosh computers that . Jul 08,  · Bible Code is an application that lets you easily and rapidly search through 39 biblical texts. It features statistical relevance testing and it calls for Microsoft Redistributable in order to work properly.5/5(2).


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April 24, “The Life” Bible Code Table – Bible Code dining table by Codesearcher Ann; November 27, Bible Code Codesearcher Jonathan Discusses Bible Code “From Golgotha” dining table – Ron Wyatt; November 25, Bible Code “Bin Laden” Table – a typical example of an extremely “tight” bible code table. Bible Search professional has actually a thorough assistance with Tutorials with graphics, alphabet tutorial, statistics tutorial; and has codes articles and codes audio tracks on their website. Unlocking the Bible Code has an good HELP with visuals. ABD professional may be the only Bible Code Software that includes: a strong bilingual English-Hebrew dictionary, allowing the English speaking user to search the Bible with no understanding of Hebrew, the multilingual translations of this Bible, enabling the user to understand all the verses with no familiarity with Hebrew.

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Read more about this offer with this page. Current variation : 3. Zapata C. Muffat, F. it’s the breakthrough, into the hebrew text for the Bible, of relevant words appearing maybe not casually near to one another within a tiny size matrix.

The writing for the Bible is created as a series of letters without rooms or punctuation. Its then feasible to locate equidistant letter sequence ELS of 1 or maybe more terms. We are going to denote the main term as Masterword and associated terms as SlaveWords. The writing for the Bible is read with a skip of S letters S can be positive or bad. We look for all appearances where the text gives us the key phrase. Then we study when there is a piece of text which contains lots of the previous ELS.

There are 2 primary procedures : – the very first is to determine the R-factor statistical worth of each ELS that seems when you look at the matrix and therefore calculate an approached possibility of the matrix, – the second is to compare the matrix found in the text of this Bible with the ones that are in several monkey texts same texts due to the fact Bible one out of which the letters have already been blended.

Just how Advanced Bible Decoder program is a good idea? ABD professional is the brand-new generation of bible signal pc software. User friendly with high-speed search engines. ABD professional sofware would work for novice people that are looking for to experience the Bible Code trend, as well as for high level scientists that want to make use of the best Bible Code computer software available today. ABD professional could be the ultimate way to discover significant matrices.

The reason why waste precious time looking for names or occasions without the outcomes? The solution is an evidence : there is no need the right device. Utilize ABD professional power to discover secret rules in only a couple of minutes. Share your results with other Bible Code enthusiasts with professional searching outcomes. ABD professional could be the only Bible Code Software that incorporates : a strong bilingual English-Hebrew dictionary , allowing the English talking user to find the Bible without any knowledge of Hebrew, the multilingual translations associated with Bible , permitting an individual to understand all the verses with no familiarity with Hebrew, and several analytical tools as analytical simulation test.

Kennedy Assassination, Presidential Elections and more Is your title encoded within the Bible? With ABD professional, you can now decode yesteryear, understand the present, and expose the possible futures printed in the Torah Codes : the prophecy has started.

Find amazing descriptive matrices encoded in the Bible years back. Hebrew publications included :. English translation books included :. May be the Bible Code real? Between inexperienced skeptics and prophesying believers just Advanced Bible Decoder professional will allow you to with analytical resources is likely to opinion, so do not wait any more : install ABD professional right now!

I’m able to say that ABD is much better than ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and other softwares. Thnx for several. Best regards. All credit cards. All of your information you provided to bible-code-software.

Please note that credit card numbers and account information are not saved on our host in order to make fully sure your protection. Our company is utilizing PayPal as our repayment Gateway so you’re able to be reassured that all of your monetary information would be treated with finest safety values. To link to these pages from your website, simply reduce and paste the following signal to your web page. Just Bible Code computer software with Tanakh translations in :.

English French Spanish Portuguese Italian. What’s the Bible Code? So how exactly does the Bible Codes work? How you can search ELS of a phrase? What are codes in a matrix? Where to find a statistically considerable matrix? Types of bible codes making use of ABD Pro computer software : Discover amazing descriptive matrices encoded in the Bible years ago. ABD Pro pc software.