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Jan 28,  · Visit scribe to my Vlog Channel! the right block utilizing the EK Configurator! – http://www. Nov 25,  · EK-FC GTX Ti water block additionally features a rather large circulation design so that it can be easily found in liquid air conditioning systems utilizing weaker liquid pumps. Base is constructed of electrolytic copper (bare on nickel-plated – based on the variation) even though the top is constructed of quality cast acrylic material or POM Acetal (based on the variant).Estimated browsing Time: 1 min. Might 28,  · EK Waterblocks, a water cooling gear manufacturer, confirmed their EK-FC Titan series full-cover water blocks (and blackplates), developed initially for any Geforce GTX Titan GPU, tend to be totally appropriate for the recently circulated Geforce GTX anticipated Reading Time: 1 min.


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Nov 25,  · EK-FC GTX Ti liquid block additionally features a really large flow design in order that it can be simply utilized in liquid cooling systems utilizing weaker liquid pumps. Base is made of electrolytic copper (bare on nickel-plated – with respect to the variant) whilst the top is constructed of high quality cast acrylic material or POM Acetal (with regards to the variant).Estimated researching Time: 1 min. Jan 28,  · Visit scribe to my Vlog Channel! the right block utilising the EK Configurator! – http://www. Might 28,  · EK Waterblocks, a water cooling gear maker, confirmed their EK-FC Titan series full-cover water blocks (and blackplates), created initially for any Geforce GTX Titan GPU, tend to be completely suitable for the recently released Geforce GTX anticipated Reading Time: 1 min.
EK-FC780 GTX Ti for NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 Ti introduced
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EK Waterblocks Announces Compatible GTX 780 Liquid Block
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EK-FC GTX Ti for NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Ti introduced –

Once we all understand chances are, overclocking Kepler-based illustrations cards is tied to GPU temperature and energy target restrictions. This particularly is true when higher voltages are put on the GPU. In an effort to take away the worry of reaching the most temperature limit while overclocking, and at the same time frame appease water cooling audience, EVGA made readily available the Hydro Copper Waterblock. The innovation doesn’t take a look at security and appearance however; the bottom dish consists of chrome plated electrolytic C copper, in addition to 0.

The full cover design indicates a whole end to end block. No tips here. This guarantees the card does not flex, offers ideal thermal transfer for the entire card, and looks awesome! Chrome-plated C copper Copper may be the ideal material for thermal transfer, we make use of specialized copper that helps transfer thermals effectively, and also designed in an approach to lessen fat.

No hose clamps needed. EVGA had been type enough to also deliver across the appropriate backing plate required for correct installation. Beneath the top protective foam is the Hydro Copper Waterblock securely nestled in a foam sleep of their very own.

The accessories are tucked into pouches that protect them as well. The Hydro Copper Waterblock features a remove plastic film applied to the front and back to protect it during transport. The markings from the front part unveil that EVGA has actually employed Swiftech to manufacture the Hydro Copper Waterblock, which can be extensively considered one of several premier water cooling makers in the world. When you make that decision, simply secure off the unused open positions with all the two included plugs.

Most of the thermal pads have now been pre-applied for simplicity of installation. Incorporated with the backplate are a bag of screws required for installation and an installation guide. This calls for getting rid of a total of 20 screws from the back for the card.

At this stage, you’ll thoroughly clean the TIM off the GPU and look that most the thermal pads came off the memory whenever you eliminated the support baseplate. There is a protective film placed on the thermal pads, therefore make sure to remove that also. Now merely set the waterblock set up, then flip the card over so that you have admission into the right back for the PCB again. Using the screws that came during the waterblock kit, begin installing most of the screws.

Two installation notes are in purchase. First, a long silver screw needs to be installed at the top corner prior to the backplate is placed in position. Should you want to see an even more detail by detail description associated with installation process, the manual may be downloaded through the EVGA internet site. I made a decision to include the Hydro Copper Waterblock into my existing cycle, which as much as this point ended up being just cooling the CPU. In reality, this could represent how the the greater part of people would install the Hydro Copper Waterblock.

Nonetheless, when you yourself have a couple of of those cards outfitted with all the Hydro Copper Waterblock, you almost certainly want to consider a different cycle, or at the very least adding an extra radiator for your existing setup. I ran each program of GPU Burn In for five minutes under each of the situations portrayed during the graph below, which fundamentally suggests idle and load testing.

This may provide us with an idea for the maximum cooling effect each setup delivers. One other caveat to be aware of is the stock current testing, which starts at 0. after we begin to use the current manipulation device, the voltage stays continual throughout. It seriously ended the throttling I was encountering when the higher voltages were utilized.

Amazing performance right available for the Hydro Copper Waterblock! So, you are asking if it helped with overclocking… The answer is a resounding YES! Fourteen days after the initial review ended up being posted, i came across a fairly good BIOS that allowed a much higher energy target. Here’s an instant run of 3DMark Fire Strike at these settings. Through the process of overclocking with all the Hydro Copper Waterblock setup, I discovered two things a lot of you may find interesting.

Next, added cooling for the memory actually really helps to make the most of it. With the Hydro Copper Waterblock setup, huge gains in memory overclocking with, and without, the customized BIOS and voltage tool were doable. So, although the ACX cooler does a fantastic job for an air cooling answer, may possibly not permit you to get the very best clock speeds from your video clip card. It surely finishes down the look of the card as well as provides the required help for a heavy waterblock like this.

It supplied improved overclocking with stock BIOS options and really permitted some very nice overclocking whenever current tool and an altered BIOS were thrown within the combine. The product quality and craftsmanship regarding the Hydro Copper Waterblock is apparent from the moment you lay both hands upon it.

It’s a finely crafted little bit of equipment. Click on the stamp for a description of what this menas. The Chaser line of cases from Thermaltake have been one of their most popular framework options within the last few years. Therefore, lets take a good look at this full-tower Chaser A71 and see if it continues to impress! Read More. Armed with a factory overclock, the DirectCU II cooler, and host of various other features, it gives a good very first impression. Save my title, e-mail, and website in this web browser for the the next occasion I comment.

Information Ticker. Dining table of Contents. Discussion Leave an answer Cancel answer Your email won’t be posted. Showing commentary of 24 reviews. Any term on vram temps utilizing the block and without? Only 1 coffee in therefore might have missed it. Temps were slashed almost by 50 percent with extra current used. Lvcoyote- Nice review as usual! The outcome are spectacular! Edited: If we knew how exactly to do a strikethrough. Its really refreshing to see a WC review for a big change also it had been done perfectly.

Very amazing the Difference in Overclocking Temps, obviously you can observe its well worth your time and effort and cost to put in a liquid block on your own GPU. Thank you for an exemplary review Hokie!! Edit: Sorry for the mix up there guy’s I didn’t realize you are taking it in turns!! Lvcoyote evaluated this bit of equipment as hokie mentioned previously in post 5 we see, LOL Thanks dudes, the block ended up being undoubtedly fun to do business with, while the results weren’t bad either : As a side note, this indicates an assessment which is enjoyed by most of you gets associated with hokie, and that’s a testament to his understanding and skill.

We view it as a praise whenever certainly one of mine is seen erroneously as one of is own! Also, there really isn’t ways to monitor memory and VRM temps, but I have a feeling with both of them additionally working much cooler it assisted the overclock too.

Great Review Coyote! One concern We Have. Will be the pads on the block adhesive? I was wondering because I thought about taking my factory block off my trendy hydro to restore the TIM. Ended up being worried I’d mess the pads on the block or at the very least rip them off accidently.

They’re thermal pad strips, I believe you may get a good examine them by examining a number of the photos during the review. You may be able to take away the block without tearing all of them, but even though you do they may be put straight back collectively simple enough. Do you consider five minutes is sufficient while testing the card in a water loop? It would seem to make more sense to try for at the very least quarter-hour allowing the water when you look at the loop to attain balance.

I believe five minutes had been plenty really. TBH after a few moments the temps maxed out and never changed during the previous few moments associated with the run.

The temps stabilized in short order. It isn’t like they certainly were continuing to go up during the 5 min level. I do not think temps will have changed much, but they likely could have altered some couple levels. With air cooling, it can take about 15 minutes to saturate a heatsink. With watercooling, dual that time and energy to an hour, depending on the measurements of the loop, should saturate things. Heh, bad syntax there I meant 30 minutes to an hour double 15 to have 30 to saturate a loop.

Once again, most of us won yesterday evening have some fun in the online game! Click on this link to respond to the conversation. Complete Cover Design A full cover design implies a complete end-to-end block. Easy Brown Boxes. Box Tops.

Container Bottoms. Hydro Copper Waterblock First Peek. Hydro Copper Waterblock. Swiftech Markings. Installing Locations — Top. Fitting Locations — Bottom.