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Complete War: Attila. Grand Venture. Playing since the Eastern Roman Empire on Legendary Difficulty. ***** THIS IS TOTAL WAR ***** Meaning no god damn serenity. No. Oct 16,  · Attila Total War: west Roman Empire Strategy Guide October 16, by Professor Rollmops Playing the Western Roman Empire (hereafter WRE) as a whole War: Attila could be a fairly difficult project, and, some would say, nigh impossible. Feb 27,  · Have you tried the historically accurate method of dropping virtually the entire kingdom with the exception of Constantinople, retreating behind the impregnable walls of Constantinople whilst the adversary manages to lose thousands of guys fruitlessly banging their minds contrary to the Theodosian Walls, then re-taking all the lost land if the enemy are at their weakest, generally during a brutal succession crisis?


Complete war attila eastern roman kingdom strategy.Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide

May 19,  · the whole world will darken near you as attila’s causes descend on the homeland creating a distinctive vision of success method overall war: This is the preliminary portion of the western roman empire guide. In this make suggestions will find all sorts of guidelines that i have discovered in the period which I’ve already been playing since the huns. Feb 27,  · Have you attempted the typically accurate method of dropping virtually the whole kingdom with the exception of Constantinople, retreating behind the impregnable wall space of Constantinople while the opponent loses tens and thousands of males fruitlessly banging their heads contrary to the Theodosian Walls, then re-taking all of the lost land when the adversary are at their weakest, usually during a brutal succession crisis? Mar 02,  · The Eastern Roman Empire is one of the playable Factions in Total War: Attila. When the online game starts, people will begin with vast territories under their get a handle on, and must use the .
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Help Forgot Password? Remember Me Personally? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide. March 11, , PM 1. Great lets maybe not pussy-foot around and get begun. Challenges vs Western Empire: Given that Western Empire you will definitely deal with many enemies but given that Eastern Empire you will deal with more powerful enemies.

The video game will almost be defined by the war aided by the Sassanids, given that it will come, they’re economically more well off than you, and you’re their only front.

Introduction: essentially there are a few fronts you have to manage in this game. You’ve guys coming at you from radically different directions. The most active fronts is the Mesopotamian Sassanids and the Balkan front Barbarian hordes.

On change one you need to combine your armies. Gather certainly one of your Palestinian Armies and combine it because of the Egyptian one, and try your toughest to go out of two armies in Edessa and Cappodocia to shield against incursions. Invest your starting cash on facilities, ports, infrastructure, and bribes to the Sassanids.

With regards to the Sassanid leader faculties it’s possible to bribe the Sassanids to chill out for you for quite a while, even get a rather financially rewarding trade course choosing them. Another great target to bribe is Armenia. Armenia is one of powerful Sassanid vassal state and it shares your faith. When not if the Sassanid’s declare war on you, the Armenians may will not join all of them within their war and successfully launch a separate war of independence against their previous overlords.

Try to secure all of them by small gift ideas and relationship. If they break-off, this may nullify the whole Caucasian front and you may move an army indeed there to Mesopotamia or anywhere you see fit. The Sassanids will appreciate you making treaties due to their vassals aswell. Making it simpler not easy to get relations high enough to where they do not start the inevitable Zoroastrian jihad against you. This really is important so you’re able to cope with very first menace, the Visigoths currently screwing around in Macedonia causing all kinds of various jackassitry.

The Visigoths are going to raid you. There is no need an army that may manage two piles at a time. So let them raid and sack your villages, making sure to combat these battles really. Autoresolve isn’t helpful. The secret within these town battles is to trigger as numerous casualties as possible for them to be weared down. Hopefully these Visigoths idiots will run around and separated their two piles. When one is isolated and repairing, strike with your Constantinople Army.

This might force the Visigoths to simply accept serenity with 50 % of their causes decimated. If they dont take, kindly feel from to clean their dirty race off from the face regarding the earth. Eliminate the men, enslave their females or the other way around if that isn’t your thing. When they do take peace let them ride down into the sunset and screw the Western Romans, because that’s what the Western Empire does. It requires to deal with the Arabian axis from Sassanid allies this responsibility could be distributed to the Mesopotamian Armies , it needs to deal with the Ethiopian course because Axum does not have any choice but to enhance into both you and your vassal, plus it has to handle the Libyan way considering that the Gargamentians most likely dislike you no one likes you.

It is possible to attempt to examine the Gargamentians by honoring your alliance using the Western Romans. This will divide their attention to taking Western Roman lands around Carthage and Tripolitania. All of them planning to Egypt is likely to be a lowered concern, permitting your Alexandrian Army to react to Arabia and Ethiopia as you see fit.

The Western Roman alliance is ineffective for your needs except in having them divert attention. Dealing with the Sassanids undoubtedly you get attacked by the Sassanids.

This is a big war. The Sassanids start off in place # 3 and you begin in number two as far as the power positions get, nonetheless they may as well be number one with all the current income they have from their vassals aside from the armies they will certainly throw at you. The Sassanids are far more of an alliance block than they’ve been a faction.

They will usually have vast numerical superiority since they can they have only one front to stress about. Just how do you want to beat all of them? You are likely to need to play the lengthy online game and play defensively. They’re not so good in city battles because they go cav heavy but away from the field they may be very daunting. If you ever see an opening in a town in Mespotamia, take it.

After you have taken Mesopotamia they nevertheless be quite difficult to advance against. A number of their vassals may begin to have frustrated and break-off.

If you should be fortunate enough for this to occur to you than great, if not keep doing what you are doing. Most of their forces will likely to be concentrated around Susa. Make a fleet at a negative balance Sea, ideally fire ships and get raiding effortless objectives with them.

They have got a friend in South Yemen that will trigger you headaches. Dont bother capturing it as the too remote to guard. Raze it towards the surface. In fact, raze everything to your ground. Kill each and every girl and child as a standing plan. Make the autumn of Carthage seem like a date because of the girls at a nail hair salon.

Bring your fleet and raid persia proper and burn those coastal places to your floor. The Sassanids should start enduring. After you are able to maintain 3 complete armies in Mesopotamia while still keeping your Balkan and Egyptian Armies, advance from Mesopotamia into Persia right. This is where the chance for some epic battles can occur.

Never keep a pile alone with no help regarding the various other two. If you leave all of them divided just before have actually defeated the majority of their army in the field they’re going to deliver four stacks after your remote bunch. Burn Susa also the ground, and continue exterminating their culutre and race off-the-face regarding the earth. Once the Sassanids have no towns and cities left but maybe nevertheless some armies , their staying vassals will no longer be linked with all of them. Peace along with their vassals and bribe all of them to fight eachother and turn that whole area into one thing resembling Somalia.

The objective of the vassals is to get them to battle eachother and leaving that vast area without a challenger for your requirements frontiers. Now you can take your veteran armies and continue on using the game by pushing during the Balkans or replicate Belisarius’s reconquests in Africa or Italy. Hell get sail to Scandinavia and raid the norseman for irony sake.

You select your future. March 12, , AM 2. Re: Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide Great write up. The Carthage nail hair salon opinion about made me spit my coffee. An alternate beginning suggestion to include: Combine the starting military in Brostantinople using the one in the industry into the gold producing town.

The Visi’s nearly constantly pounce on that city first thing. When this occurs, the Visi’s are going to be crippled and simple in order to complete down. March 12, , have always been 3. Re: Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide. Originally Posted by PumpkinBread.

Great jot down. Men generally speaking are quick to think that which they wish to be true. March 12, , are 4. March 12, , PM 5. Oh and break the alliance aided by the WRE from the first turn. This might be my trademark.

Is not it awesome? March 12, , PM 6. Re: Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide Yes I agree with the paganism thing although not breaking thr alliance. WRE is a convinient distraction. March 12, , PM 7. March 12, , PM 8. Re: Eastern Roman Empire-comprehensive guide From my experience using the ERE, there are lots of actions you can take to provide yourself a much simpler time. Therefore fast in reality, that there surely is no time to bring in forces from the other countries in the kingdom; fighting the battles manually and hiring mercenaries to shore your figures helps a tremendous amount.

Far better to ditch them, and just join their wars once they start spending cash for solutions rendered. You will need to postpone fighting the Sassanians through diplomatic method for as long as feasible, whether through gift giving, or joining any war they find yourself embroiled in.

Exact same goes through the north African faction you share a border with whose name escapes myself at the moment, though within their instance it could be possible to avoid war totally through some fortunate diplomacy–otherwise, keep a pile handy in Lybia.