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5 rows · The BVP is a sophisticated multimedia player that brings complete high-definition movies–along with /5(34). Sep 22,  · we obtained a CinemaCube from Brite-View for review. The CinemaCube goes into a crowded marked for media players (see the Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank, and the WD TV HD Media Player) but offers a Author: Bryan Sherman. The Brite view is linked via HDMI. The image is ideal, it zooms (for anyone goals and penalties), volume is easy, aspect is easy, sluggish mo (my child is amused by the slo-mo voices), fast motion, file advance/skip or replay, and I am however uncovering other individuals. The remote is simple to make use of and understand/5.


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This brite-View player had many more functions than that past HDD player. a) the remote control has an enormous perspective, just like it’s hearing the signal as opposed to needing to perfectly point it toward the unit. [the various other unit requires a straight on pointing for any infa-red]. This remote is little, about in xin/5. 5 rows · BV is a sophisticated multimedia player that brings complete HD movies with fidelity sound to p /5(32). It may play media files off USB and eSATA storage devices (up to 2TB in NTFS, EXT-3, FAT and HFS+) or on computers connected to the same network. It’s got built in UPnP support. It aids ISO files, to help you navigate the DVD selection and watch your videos like a frequent DVD. With integral bit torrent support, you are able to share/download news files on the net and revel in them on your television, PC free.

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We received a CinemaCube from Brite-View for review. The impact isn’t much larger than a standard DVD situation. It is possible to utilize the stand to face the CinemaCube on its side. The remote is fairly little and obviously under-powered. I came across the menus becoming a little slow and non-responsive. But as soon as I programed my Harmony remote the CinemaCube worked noticeably smoother. The device doesn’t automatically select the movie mode, you need to utilize the Video option in the remote to toggle through the choices.

They have been both located on the front of the device under a hinged address. I am not a large fan for this arrangement. If you don’t mostly use this product to see content on the system, there is planning be a USB hard drive attached to the front side of the unit. It might be good having 1 USB slot during the straight back. There are additionally only two ports, if you decide to include a radio network dongle, while having a difficult drive affixed, your ports is likely to be full. It can have already been nice to own two into the back inclusion to the contacts from the front.

On the other hand, the connections from the front side do allow it to be easy to install a USB device like a camera, video product, or phone to access photographs, video clip, and audio. The CinemaCube is sold with an Ethernet port for connecting for your network. Additionally there is the possibility of including a USB cordless dongle. They plan on supplying a listing of suitable products, and attempting to sell one on the site.

Really the only concern using the wired choice is that I didn’t have a system jack near my TV. I had to rearrange my setup and move the hub to my entertainment room. Once I did that, everything worked fine. I was in a position to search for revisions to your firmware online, access shared folders on my system, and download Bit Torrents more about that next. You cannot see the Net when it comes to torrents on the CinemaCube though, you need to put the torrent seed on a USB drive or system share the Cube have access to.

This proved a challenge for me personally as I searched through all my exterior drives to find an adequately formatted one. I did so find an NTFS drive that had an abundance of room. Unfortunately, it had plenty of files that produced problems later on.

Once you have the setup, you will need the information. They usually have lots of torrents you’ll install to demo, but they’re all really quick pieces. With only a little researching OK, a concern sent in Twitter I discovered www. As you can see, the CinemaCube downloads up to 3 torrents simultaneously. Clearly in a computer device such as this, the processor isn’t high-powered, and you cannot do anything else in the CinemaCube even though it is downloading. However, it is extremely very easy to include a bunch of files to install, then leave the Cube unattended although it downloads your complete listing.

The CinemaCube aids lots of movie formats up to p. It performed a great job reading the different video data back at my hard drive. It had been a little slow finding them, nonetheless, since I had been using a tough disk with a lot of data already upon it.

The installed BTs worked nicely aswell. I noticed a couple times which I would find some audio sync problems, nonetheless they were effortlessly dealt with by an instant rewind.

I was hopping to try this aside with my Sony Webbie. Nonetheless, the local structure for the Webbie could never be read by the CinemaCube. I plugged in a Sony Wi phone also it effortlessly mentioned a summary of images regarding the phone:. It did not, nevertheless, work with my Android G1 phone. In conversing with their help, it is a concern with just how my Android phone links to computer systems.

Unfortunately I tend to capture in RAW. I cannot imagine a consumer product like this wanting to support all of the different flavors of RAW nowadays, so I had not been astonished it might not see those images.

The Slide Show feature was fun. It starts a fall show regarding the photos in the present folder. Moreover it randomly selects a music file as a soundtrack. This resulted in some interesting slip reveals whenever it picked a ringtone as background music. It could have been good to have the ability to choose yours background music, but that will include actions towards the extremely merely one-click alternative that presently is out there.

Regarding the Sony phone it had been in a position to see and play these Venus Hum tracks that had been torn in iTunes:.

I was able to use this product with all of the Hard Drives and Flash drives We have. The sole time you might be restricted is whenever getting a BitTorrent. However if you have a drive with video clip, pictures or audio already on it, any FAT formatted drive will continue to work. I discovered the CinemaCube a little sluggish in mentioning a list of data. However, the drive I’d to make use of had a number of files and lots of non-media files on it to enhance the expense.

We want to devote a drive just for this product to eliminate the expense. I really like this product. It’s not at all without its restrictions, but what it could do when it comes to price is pretty impressive.

Might be worth considering this great neat little product. Wow, this is certainly crazy tiny. It appears to be like it maxes away on p origin just like the CinemaCube. HDMI-only could possibly be a problem for a few folks aswell. Thanks for the web link, seems like a very good small product. Bryan Sherman : Does this assistance subtitle data additionally? I really do have no RMVB data or subtitles to try, nevertheless the manual does state that it can do subtitles.

In fact, the remote has actually a subtitle key. Your email won’t be posted. Do not subscribe All Replies to my feedback inform myself of followup responses via email. You can also subscribe without commenting. Skip to content. The CinemaCube functions:. About The Author. Bryan Sherman. Leave a Comment Cancel answer Your email address won’t be published.