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Your Answer.Borderlands 2 PhysX results are a picture to behold (movie)


Sep 21,  · you can view the tech demonstration from here. At 8 mins you are able to see the tarp moving, at you can see the characters shadow from the opposite side associated with the tarp, and 9 mins you can view an orb of liquid, and ten full minutes an explosion (with smoke but there are no particles). But consider this is earlier dev from Sep 22,  · we started Borderlands 2 plus the PhysX was still greyed out. Exited the video game. Set PhysX to GPU in Nvidia control interface. Started Borderlands 2 once more. The PhysX Effects was no longer greyed away and I also could change it to Low, Medium or tall. This was through the Settings tab from the splash/startup display of Borderlands 2. I’m running Win7 64 little bit. Aug 16,  · Borderlands2 already took advantage of PhysX effects for impacts including particles and fabric. The Pre-Sequel adds laser effects and ice explosions within the frigid low gravity environment of the moon along with encouraging 4K Ultra High Resolution. For lots more details on the overall game follow this link to this article on 4K Ultra high res.


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Sep 22,  · we began Borderlands 2 and also the PhysX ended up being still greyed out. Exited the game. Set PhysX to GPU in Nvidia control panel. Started Borderlands 2 once more. The PhysX issues ended up being no further greyed away and I could change it out to Low, Medium or tall. This was through the Settings loss from the splash/startup screen of Borderlands 2. I’m running Win7 64 bit. BL2 used to crash once I put PhysX above reduced, works great now with 70+ fps. Discover “” file, usually in C:\Users\\Documents\my games\borderlands 2\willowgame\Config. Start the file in notepad (Probably best to make a copy initially, just in case) find “AllowD3D11=False” and change False to real. Aug 16,  · Borderlands2 already took advantage of PhysX impacts for results including particles and fabric. The Pre-Sequel adds laser impacts and ice explosions in the frigid reasonable gravity environment associated with the moon along with encouraging 4K Ultra high definition. For more information on the video game follow this backlink to this article on 4K Ultra high res.
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Tend to be any areas of game play itself effected? Are these allowed by this method? No components of the gameplay are effected by enabling this, but aesthetically discover a big difference. An nVidia card isn’t needed to run with higher PhysX settings in Borderlands, the computations can be done in your CPU however you will take a noticeable performance hit.

Switching the PhysX option up will effect things like fabric animation, particle effects, substance animations, etc. The differences between the settings are pretty apparent, but especially so with fluids and explosive weapons. There is articles from the nVidia website right at the end of this web page which details much more especially exactly what the patient PhysX levels affect, along side a performance associated graph comparing nVidia and AMD hardware.

Additionally, let me reveal some nVidia descriptive text regarding the differences between CPU based physics and PhysX, quoted from the above article:. With CPU physics, the emitted dirt would capture throughout the display before fading out of presence, or in some instances, sitting motionless on the ground, unaffected by the activity occurring around it. In Borderlands 2, with hardware-accelerated PhysX impacts allowed, this dirt is kicked around by further tools fire, or from figures running all the way through it.

Pieces will secure on inclines and roll towards a level area as in true to life, and may another piece be in the way the two will collide, more altering their last place. Turns out there is certainly an extremely minor gameplay difference with PhysX on: moving cloth flags, tarps which use PhysX to flow realistically tend to be solid with PhysX off, and block bullets completely.

With PhysX on, the cloth is shot aside and thus shot through. Though the cloth is virtually never ever when it comes to real enemies, so switching in PhysX simply to be able to capture through fabric is extremely ineffective.

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Improve this response. Also, this. That is interesting, but astonishing – I would have thought fabric materials would allow bullets through by default. Have you got a source or guide? I have a card with PhysX therefore can not test — Alex Feb 20 ’13 at Alex can you however set PhysX to lower? That’s technically the “off” choice. I possibly could get a video later if nothing else. But yeah, just shoot bullets at a cloth tarp overhead with PhysX on low and sure enough it’s going to behave like a wall.

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